When School’s Out, Life Time Is In

Kids play and learn with us whenever school is out – all year round. With our fun, thoughtful activities and caring supervision, you’ll look forward to breaks as much as the kids do.

Pirate’s Life

Ahoy, matey. This week thar be some splodin’ treasure chests, telescope buildin’, loot hunts and more — all for ye to explore.


 Great Outdoors

Let’s head outdoors for an adventurous week of reptile hunts, leaf rubbings, sundial crafts and more.


Medieval Mischief

We’re building marshmallow castles — then storming them with catapults, cannon games and more medieval mischief.


   Wild West Wackiness

It’s wild out here. Come explore desert-animal habitats, make water wheels, and star in a “Wanted” poster.


Time Warp

Get back! This week, we’re having fun with a flashback costume contest, retro dance-offs, and groovy face painting.


Grossology 101

Let’s get gross with exploding art, creepy-crawly crafts, painting with your feet and more silliness.

Science Is Magical

See the fun side of science with egg-drop experiments, salty art, magic tricks and more activities your kids will love.


Myths and Legends

This week, we’re making warrior gear, overcoming obstacle courses, doing martial arts and taking names.


Game Show Mania

Step right up for some friendly feuds, rapid challenges, and silly trivia all week long.