Studio Classes

Studio in the Heights offers safe, effective, small group training for adults of all ages. Our classes are personalized to meet the needs of all fitness levels.   The coaches provide specific coaching for your fitness needs. The Studio in the Heights offers a wide variety of classes and personal coaching to help you meet your goals.



Take Leg Day to the Max

One of our favorite new classes, this calorie-scorching, strength-building workout uses resistance bands and dumbbells to build your best legs and glutes.


Resistance Bands, Dumbbells, Mat











Weight Training. Serious Results.

Weight training that creates serious results and strong bodies. Barbells help build all major muscle groups in this strength-training class. It’s absolute, positive power.


Barbell, Mat, Bench













Strength and Grace

Full-body blend of dance-inspired movement to challenge core, strength and stability using a bar and ball. And the result? Long, lean muscles.


Weighted Body Bar, Mat, Small Red Ball











Gloves On. Sticks Raised

Martial arts-inspired stick fighting drills. This athletic kickboxing uses weighted gloves and bars to kick, punch, strike, block and feel like you can do anything.


Weighted Body Bar, Strike Gloves











Body Strengthening. Cross Training.

Combine strength training, cardio and endurance in this ultimate high-intensity interval training format. It leaves you breathless with intense, incredible results.


Dumbbells, Bench, Mat, Resistance Bands










Warrior SCULPT

Find Your Fierce

A soulful yet fierce fusion of yoga and weights, this sweaty nonstop flow is a demanding, energetic, yet surprisingly zen-filled experience.


Mat, Dumbbells